Vizit Solutions brings over thirty years of experience to the crafting of visualizations and simulations in mathematics and physics. Combined with our passion for instruction, we are driven to create material that is difficult or impossible to represent with traditional methods. We draw upon a wide variety of published research to create open source tools and custom content that develops intuition and visual spatial reasoning as part of a rigorous understanding of mathematics and physics.


Don't just tell them, show them.

Fields lines from a point charge.

A Positive Charge Surrounded By A Gaussian Sphere

The field lines radiate out from the charge and pass through the sphere.

Mouse Interactions
  • Click and drag with the left mouse button to rotate the model around the x and y-axes.
  • Shift-click with the left mouse button to rotate the model around the z-axis.
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
Touch Interactions
  • Swipe with a finger to rotate the model around the x and y-axes.
  • Rotate or twist with two fingers to rotate the model around the z-axis.
  • Pinch with two fingers to zoom in and out.

WebGL Unavailable

The full utility of these visualizations is only available with WebGL. Please get a browser that supports WebGL.

Visualization is a powerful and necessary component of a complete instructional approach. Effective visualizations are accurate, engaging, and integrate well with the learners existing knowledge base. Moreover, spatial and visual reasoning is a critical tool for any practicing scientist or engineer.

Instructional Technology

Show them in multiple ways.

The 1 r 2 field from a point charge.

Multiple interactive representations are well established as a powerful pedagogical prescription. They simultaneously take advantage of the learner's strengths while shoring up their weaknesses. Well designed interactions invite the learner to be an active participant, to explore, as part of their education.

Easy To Learn

Integrated with clear step by step explanations and mathematics.

E = q r 2 = 150 statC 15.00 cm 2 = 0.66 statV cm

Mathematics is one of the principle means of expressing scientific and engineering concepts. Understanding mathematical expressions and how they relate to scientific concepts and models is an important stepping stone.

Easy To Teach

Check out our catalog of prepared visualizations, and see their use in integrated lessons.

Vizit Solutions offers a growing open source catalog of prepared visualizations. Each visualization in the catalog is accompanied with a short HTML snippet that you can paste into your content content. If you don't see what you want in the catalog, please let us know.

Easy To Customize

The toolkit used to create the catalog is a well documented open source project.

// Lookup the HTML5 canvas
c      = document.getElementById('c');
// Draws electric fields
render = new fieldRenderer(c);
// A +1 charge at the origin
charge = new Charge(1.0,0.0,0.0,0.0);
// Add it to the things to be drawn
render = renderer.addCharge(charge);
// Start drawing

It is easy to create new visualizations using point charges, charge distributions, Gaussian surfaces, and even arbitrary vector fields.

Want More?

From custom content to custom training or new catalog entries, just ask.

Springs pull the parties together, with equal and opposite forces on each.

These open source offerings are a small sample of what is possible. Additional options include more interactivity such as moving charges and Gaussian surfaces, or more applications ranging from calculus to electrodynamics and quantum mechanics. There are also fascinating applications of visualization in art and architecture. If we can help with integration or custom content, don't hesitate to contact us.